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It all started with a man and his bike.

Or, more accurately, a woman realizing at the last minute she didn’t have a card for her husband on Father’s Day, and so she took inspiration from her husband’s love of cycling and painted him a picture of his bike. He loved it, and has kept this homemade card on his desk ever since.

That woman was me, and since my husband liked his card so much, I continued to paint cards for other family and friends; simple (yet elegant!) realistic images of the everyday beauty that surrounds us. Daffodils for a friend celebrating a big birthday in March. A seagull for a former neighbor who has become one of my dearest friends. Lilies of the Valley for a friend suffering a major loss. Colorful dandelions to bring joy to someone who needed a boost. And a blue crab for a brother-in-law who has been a dear family member for 40 years.

The cards were all painted with love for a specific person. So, what you’re looking at on this site are Susan’s daffodils, Beth’s seagull, Ginger’s lilies, Bonnie’s dandelions, and Chris’ blue crab, in addition to cards created for others too numerous to mention here. The cards are always painted without words on the outside so that a personalized message can be written from the heart.

What you won’t see for sale on here is Craig’s bike. That, and the handwritten message inside, is just between us. 

Carol Auerbach
CLA Creative LLC

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