The beauty and wonder of the seahorse is captured in vibrant shades of turquoise, green, and yellow in this truly distinctive card.


Ahh, the magical seahorse. Not only are they one of only two fish to swim vertically, but they also switch traditional biological norms when the males, not the females, carry babies from gestation through delivery. Trying to paint these creatures is a challenge as they combine sinuous curves with sharp spines, a horse’s head with an octopus’ tentacle, and an explosion of color that varies drastically from one specimen to the next. I painted five different versions of seahorses before I decided to stick with this one; the vibrant turquoise captures a brief moment before the elusive seahorse camouflages itself for yet another magical moment in the sea.

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 5.83 × 4.13 × .016 in


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