Holiday Water Taxi


Share the joy of the season with this whimsical card imagining Baltimore’s smallest water taxi delivering its biggest passenger: an oversized Christmas tree.


What if Baltimore’s smallest boat in its fleet of water taxis had the task of transporting a huge Christmas tree from one side of the harbor to the other? That’s the image I had in my mind as I walked on the promenade outside of the Sagamore Pendry hotel in Fells Point one day last April and saw all the water taxis lined up on the docks at Thames Street. I immediately came home and created a draft of the design, and then quickly followed up with two different watercolor paintings. The first one I ditched right away, but midway through the second painting I decided I was onto something special. I scanned my work, cropped the image a bit on my computer, and sent it off to the printer all within the same day — a special delivery indeed!

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 5.83 × 4.13 × .016 in


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